Report: AEW Not Interested In Signing Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard made history earlier this year when she became the first female to win the Impact Wrestling World Championship. However, the timing of that victory was somewhat overshadowed when allegations were made publicly against her for racism and bullying. Fast forward to June and Blanchard was out of Impact Wrestling, stripped of her world title in the process.

Since that point in time, Blanchard has gotten married and wrestled one match, for Warrior Wrestling. Always noted as one of the most talented women in the business, the bullying allegations and a belief that she has been difficult to work with in the past seem to be hurting her career opportunities moving forward.

Despite Tessa's legendary father, Tully Blanchard, working for All Elite Wrestling, this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that AEW is not considering bringing her in. This despite AEW's women's division not living up to expectations as of yet.

The report noted that the company acknowledges that Blanchard is a talented performer and could help their women's division in the ring, yet they still decided against signing her as of right now.

WWE is still an open question. Though Blanchard has wrestled for them in the past, the company has so far opted to not sign her to a long term deal. She has wrestled a handful of matches for NXT and also appeared in the 2017 Mae Young Classic tournament.

Blanchard's options at a national level seemingly continue to dwindle despite her undeniable talent. Her reputation behind the scenes and the allegations that were fired at her earlier this year no doubt continue to hurt her employment opportunities.

For her part, Blanchard denied the allegations, writing at the time:

“Over the last week I have been accused of calling a fellow wrestler a racial slur. To read this allegation has been personally upsetting. To be clear, I absolutely did not use that word. That word is not in my vocabulary. That word is not in my heart. Racism is not in my heart.

Yet I know many people have to deal with racism in a way I will never have to. Racism is an awful part of American history, and it is equally awful that its still part of our society today. While I did not do what was claimed, I stand ready to use my platform to support the fight against racism however I can.”


UPDATE: Saturday, December 5th

In an update to this story, Wrestling Inc. disputed the story in the Observer. Nick Hausman reports that there is interest from both AEW and WWE and that Blanchard has not signed with either as she is still living in Mexico along with husband, and fellow wrestler, DAGA. The couple plans to return to the United States once the pandemic is under better control, and Hausman reports that Blanchard will make a decision on which major company to sign with at this time.