The Rock Shares Funny Story About Getting Powerbombed by The Shield

Chatter about The Rock's potential return to WWE is reaching a fever pitch. The People's Champion has been rumored to work a program with Roman Reigns for years, and that speculated escalated tenfold when Reigns adopted his Tribal Chief persona. This current gimmick has Reigns claiming himself as head of his family's table, and as of this writing, no one has been able to dispute that. Within his family, Reigns has been acknowledged by cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso, father Sika Anoa'i, and uncle Afa Anoa'i. That said, there is one member of the iconic Samoan wrestling family that has yet to kneel before the Tribal Chief: The Rock.

While Rock and Reigns have never stood opposite each other in the squared circle, they do have a history on WWE TV together. Rock famously made the save for Reigns at WWE Royal Rumble 2015, which resulted in an abnormal chorus of boos. Years before that, Reigns brought the fight to his cousin, as he and his fellow Shield stablemates attacked the Brahma Bull on two separate occasions.

Speaking on an Instagram Live with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch, The Rock recalled being on the receiving end of a brutal triple powerbomb from Reigns, Rollins, and Dean Ambrose.

"You know what was really cool? It was when The Shield attacked me before WrestleMania. They powerbombed me. I remember Seth, I was on Roman's shoulders, but Seth in particular threw me down so hard on that mat," Rock said. "Busted my blood vessels. Blood started coming up out of my mouth."

While he didn't let it show in the moment, Reigns made sure to subtly check on his cousin. On the other hand, Rollins couldn't care less.

"He looked down, Roman looked down and was like, 'You okay Uso?' Called me brother in Samoan," Rock continued. "And before I could answer, Seth was like, 'Who gives a s--t' and walked away."

Rollins then chimed in, noting that the details of this attack are fuzzy for him.

"You know, this was ten years ago," Rollins responded. "I don't have a full recollection of this memory. We did powerbomb you twice. Once in the dark through a table and then another time we made you bleed your own blood. I'm not sure which one was which. There's a lot of things that happen in the heat of the moment, but I mean, it is what it is."

Lynch quickly corrected Rollins, as she attempted to book an impromptu WWE WrestleMania 39 tag bout between the two.

"He said he regretted nothing," Lynch added. "And he would do it again tomorrow or better yet, he would do it at SoFi Stadium as a tag team versus you and Brian [Gewirtz]. That's what he said."

"Let me tell you, that match would be all but 30 seconds," Rock replied.

Barring conflicts in his busy film schedule, The Rock is expected to challenge Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 39.