Watch Jeff Hardy Hit Randy Orton With a Swanton Bomb off Stage Equipment

Jeff Hardy finally got the last laugh in his ongoing feud with Randy Orton.The two former world [...]

Jeff Hardy finally got the last laugh in his ongoing feud with Randy Orton.

The two former world champions squared off in a singles match on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, which neared its ending point when Orton stuck his finger inside one of Hardy's ear gauges again. Hardy managed to escape Orton's grasp and stomped right on his groin to cause a disqualification.

The two began brawling at ringside before making their way out into the crowd. Hardy got his hands on a coupe of steel chairs and whacked them across Orton's back before playing him on a table. Hardy then climbed up some stage equipment and jumped off, hitting Orton with a Swanton Bomb.

The feud between Hardy and Orton can be traced back all the way to Backlash in May when he successfully defended the United States Championship against "The Viper." Orton then took the next two months off to deal with injuries, but returned at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view mere moments after Hardy lost the title to a cheating Shinsuke Nakamura.

Instead of helping Hardy, Orton opted to turn heel and stomped right on Hardy's groin. He then proceeded to attack Hardy on several occasions on SmackDown Live, including during his contractual rematch with Nakamura.

Hardy challenged the Japanese Superstar to yet another title match at SummerSlam and put up a strong effort. But after missing a Swanton Bomb, landing hard on the ring apron and getting hit with a Kinshasa , Nakamura was victorious.

Orton's music hit and he made his way down the entrance ramp towards Hardy, but decided instead to turn around go back to the backstage area. asked him about his actions afterwards, to which Orton responded saying he'll attack Hardy when he decides the time is right.

Elsewhere on SmackDown Live, the New Day managed to defeat the Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and became a 5-time tag champion faction.

Also on the Blue Brand, the first match for the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (on Sept. 16 in San Antonio) was announced as Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella will take on The Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag match. The stipulation was set after Maryse handed Miz a pair of brass knuckles during his SummerSlam match with Bryan, allowing "The A-Lister" to pick up the win.