Watch: Roman Reigns Reveals New Video Of Attacker, Spears Daniel Bryan

One week after Daniel Bryan revealed Roman Reigns' "attacker" on SmackDown Live, Reigns had a reveal of his own this week on SmackDown.

Reigns came out to the ring to close the show, with the segment advertised around the question of whether or not he would apologize to Bryan and Erick Rowan after they were apparently not responsible for his attack several weeks ago.

Instead, Reigns showed some new video footage. It was a static camera angle from the attack that appeared to show Erick Rowan pushing over some of the materials that fell on Reigns, before walking off.

Check out the video here.

After the video was shown, Bryan went off backstage, smacking Rowan repeatedly and exclaiming that he hates liars. He made his way out to the ring to tell Reigns that he had nothing to do with this.


Bryan didn't get out many words, though, as Reigns ran in and hit him with a Spear to close the show.

The announcers sold the fact that there are even more questions now about who is ultimately responsible for the attack. All signs continue to point to an eventual Reigns/Bryan match, which was reportedly the plan for SummerSlam before WWE delayed those plans for a later date in order to continue to build the feud in a long term fashion.