Watch: The Undertaker Pranks WWE Fans

With is WWE career officially wrapped-up (for now) after last weekend's Survivor Series PPV event, The Undertaker continues to transition into a non-wrestling role while still keeping his name in the spotlight. In recent weeks, we have seen him start to give more interviews to the press and even take part in some Cameo phone calls. Now, the Dead Man took part in a fun prank with the company Omaze to trick some WWE fans.

Fans were on a Zoom call where they were asked to try their hand at recording a promo for facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Others were asked to participate in a tribute video for The Undertaker's 30th Anniversary at Survivor Series.

What the fans didn't know was that The Undertaker himself was waiting on the Zoom call.

Check out the video below.


The video also features an advertisement for a contest that The Undertaker and Omaze are doing, allowing fans a dream experience at the WWE Performance Center. Details on that contest were released earlier today.

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