WrestleMania 38: WWE Adds a Tag Team Match to WrestleMania Saturday

WWE confirmed on Monday that a tag team match will take place at WrestleMania 38 Night One (dubbed WrestleMania Saturday), as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day will face both Sheamus and Ridge Holland. It was previously reported that WWE wanted a six-man tag match involving all three members of New Day against Sheamus, Holland and the recently-debuted Butch (Pete Dunne), but Big E recently suffered a broken neck that will keep him out of action. Woods returned from his recent injury this past Friday and beat Holland in less than a minute.

WWE's announcement for the match read, "The WWE Universe could witness a New Day of redemption at The Showcase of the Immortals when King Woods & Kofi Kingston take on Sheamus & Ridge Holland on WrestleMania Saturday. After former WWE Champion Big E suffered a serious injury in tag team action, Sheamus and his tough-as-nails new associate Butch helped Ridge Holland defeat Kofi Kingston the following week on SmackDown. One week later, however, Kingston surprised his adversaries by introducing the formerly injured King Woods to take his place in a singles bout with Holland. The returning monarch entered the squared circle with explosive resolve and emerged victorious with a small package. Although Woods and Kingston achieved some payback with the win, animosity remains high for what is sure to be an incredible showdown between tag team rivals, who will collide on WrestleMania Saturday!"

As for E, the former WWE Champion has provided a number of updates on social media. He confirmed that he won't need surgery and shared a video of himself walking around his neighborhood in a neck brace less than a week after the accident. 

"Had my first doctor's appointment and learning (because of the C1 fracture) I narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death is very sobering. Life feels even more precious and valuable now," E tweeted last week.

"It was easily the scariest night of my career," Kingston said about that match while on Hot 97 recently. "Obviously, the injury didn't happen to me, but I was on the inside of the ring. I see E go for that spear that he does, and he missed it, and he was on the outside there and then him and Ridge, go for that overhead suplex and I see them go up and they looked a little like wonky. But I never saw the impact. So I didn't really – I didn't know, you know, I went over there and I was like, 'Okay, everything looks fine,' he's down and everything and then the match goes on. After everything went down, just the ref was like yeah, I don't know if he's okay. I was like, what's going on all sudden, the paramedics and everything start coming out."

"It was just really really scary because it's a reminder of how quickly things can take a turn for the worst," he continued. "Every move that we execute, there's always an element of danger to it and luckily, for the most part, we come out unscathed, but in those moments — literally looking at my brother in the face as the paramedics are putting the neck braces and everything on there, putting him on the stretcher, you know, it was very scary."