WrestleMania 35: Fans Poke Fun at Miz's Dad For Trying to Fight Shane McMahon

The Falls Count Anywhere match at WrestleMania 35 took a personal turn on Sunday night when The Miz's father tried to get involved in the match between his son and Shane McMahon. Early in the match McMahon had Miz set up on one of the announcer's tables and looked to be setting up for a splash, but Miz's father George ran over from ringside and stood in-between McMahon and Miz. McMahon got down from the top rope and invited George into the ring, where the man proceeded tp put up his dukes like an old 1920s boxer.

McMahon even helped him with his stance before attacking him from behind when George went to check on Miz, which only enraged "The A-Lister." But as the match continued a meme of Miz's dad quickly started spreading around social media.

"I don't often watch wrestling, but when I do, this happens..." Comicbook.com writer Adam Barnhardt wrote, with a photoshop of George taking on Thanos.

"I know I sad Jackie Chan was going to be the model for my new comic about a murderous suburban Dad, but Chan now has some competition," comic book writer BJ Mendelson wrote.

One fan took the photo of George and had him square off against Ronda Rousey from her UFC days.

"The Miz('s) dad wanted all the smoke," Twitter user @rsxturbo909 joked.

Miz went on to lose the match after hitting McMahon with a suplex from 15 feet up off a scaffolding. Both men were knocked out, but McMahon wound up on top of Miz and scored the pin. On Twitter user joked that the result was okay because that photo of his dad would live on.


Other fans opted to joke about George's appearance, with some saying he looked like Spongebob Squarepants' dad.