Chris Jericho Shares Thoughts On WWE's Recent Wrestler Releases

Chris Jericho was, for a time, one of the biggest wrestlers in the stable of the WWE, but having since left for the AEW, he hasn't been afraid to share his thoughts on a number of matters that relate to World Wrestling Entertainment and has recently discussed just how he feels about the recent layoffs of the company during the pandemic that is the coronavirus. With the WWE having to make a number of changes in the face of so many people being quarantined in their homes, the organization has released more than a few of their wrestlers from their contracts!

Jericho debuted with the WWE before the turn of the century in 1999, having previously wrestled as a part of World Championship Wrestling and Rocky Mountain Wrestling to name a few. While the former was absorbed into the WWE following its eventual demise, Chris Jericho eventually led the company to become a part of "All Elite Wrestling", which has become, arguably, the largest competitor to World Wrestling Entertainment since the WCW closed its doors.

On a recent interview with TV Insider, Jericho shared his thoughts on the plights of the wrestlers who were let go by the WWE and discusses what he knows about the AEW's plans for any of these wrestlers after they have all been released from their contracts:

"It's an interesting time right now because a lot of guys got released. By proxy, you went from a business that was very profitable in many different levels to everything grinding to a halt. Hopefully, many of them will get picked up by different companies. Some guys may have to go overseas. I don't know what AEW has planned. That's not really my wheelhouse. But I'm sure everybody is going to land where they should land. It's just how it goes."

The wrestlers who were released from the WWE this past month include Rusev, the Revival, Kurt Angle, Zack Ryder, and a number of other professionals who will have to look for other options to get back into the ring. While we aren't sure who, if any of them, will land at All Elite Wrestling, we're crossing our fingers that their futures will remain bright.


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Via WrestlingNews