WWE's Bayley Calls Out Beth Phoenix Again For WrestleMania 37 Match

A multitude of WWE fans are still baffled by the fact that Bayley doesn't have a match booked for the WrestleMania 37 card, and many are hopeful that during tonight's SmackDown we will get an answer as to why or she will get a match on the card. Bayley isn't just waiting for it to happen though, and after challenging WWE Legend Beth Phoenix to a match previously, she capitalized on a tweet from Phoenix to reissue that challenge and let her know she's serious, and it all started with a compliment.

Phoenix tweeted "Young lady...you busted your butt through this pandemic to bring us smiles and hope during sad, scary times. We ALL want
@itsBayleyWWE on #WrestleMania ....even though you’re still a little trouble maker. @WWE"

That caused Bayley to replay with "Thanks but I been busting my CONSISTENT ASS long before the pandemic!!!!!!!! So are you accepting my challenge or not Betty?!???????????? Because I got nothin but time!Hahahahahahahahahaha"

Many don't even care what match Bayley has, as they just want her on the card. No. 1 Bayley has proven she can work with anyone and make a great match, and No. 2 she's been consistently entertaining all year long, so she can turn a match with little to no setup into something memorable. Hopefully, it happens soon (maybe even tonight), though there are also rumors she could have a segment with a returning Becky Lynch, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's the official description of tonight's SmackDown.

On the final spot of The Road to WrestleMania, don't miss a Special WrestleMania Edition of SmackDown featuring the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and a Fatal 4-Way SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match.

Here's the current card:

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal


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