Watch: Bayley Superfan Izzy Reacts to Her Heel Turn From WWE SmackDown

After dropping the SmackDown Women's Championship to Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Bayley returned to WWE television this week with a new look and a new attitude for her rematch with Flair on Friday Night SmackDown. And even though she had been playing a heelish role ever since she realigned with Sasha Banks a couple of months back, the transformation was shocking to many fans watching at home. One of the biggest reactions came from Izzy, a young WWE fan who made a name for herself in NXT as a Bayley superfan. She initially came out in support of Bayley's decision when she took to Twitter.

"Well that escalated quickly!" she wrote, commenting on a clip of Bayley popping her inflatable Bayley Buddies. "Good for you girl! Love her character development and the new Bayley."

But when she appeared on Busted Open Radio this week, Izzy seemed to tease the idea of feuding with Bayley once she's old enough to become a full-time wrestler.

""I really hope that Bayley keeps up with this character because when I make it to the WWE, and I will make it to WWE, I'm going to show everyone and I mean everyone who is the true role model," Izzy said. Mark Henry can be heard shouting "Shoot your shot!" during Izzy's brief promo.

Prior to Friday night, Bayley had been cutting promos claiming that she was still a role model for young fans because she was staying "loyal" to Banks. She even kept up the act during interviews.


Nothing's changing [with my character]," Bayley said in an interview with FOX 5 in Atlanta in late September.. "I know a lot of people are asking about my actions lately, but do you have a best friend? And would you do anything for your best friend? [Well], that's what I've been doing. Sasha Banks is literally my best friend, the best person I've ever met in my whole life, and I would do anything for her. And if anybody has a problem with her, I have to just be there for her and be by her side. And that's all I'm doing. I'm a champion, kids look up to me. I am a role model."

Bayley defeated Flair to win back the women's title in the final moments of SmackDown.