Goldberg Wants to Give Big E His WWE Dream Match

Back in early 2020 Big E went viral for a segment from The New Day: Feel The Power Podcast, where he energetically demanded a dream match with WWE Hall of Famer and WCW legend Goldberg. E said at the time (while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston died of laughter), "Y'all want a great match? Nah, bum that. I want to see two big men with big chests and big muscles bumping meat. That's why I'm here, that's why I watched wrestling as a kid. You want your five-star matches? You want your 30-minute classics? Not me. Big meaty men slapping meat!"

Goldberg finally responded to that challenge on this week's The Bump, giving some hope to the former Intercontinental Champion.

"Let's be perfectly honest. A different era of Goldberg would match up against anybody," Goldberg said (h/t Cageside Seats). "The question is, could this era of Goldberg match up still with people and have it be interesting? I think the answer is absolutely yes. I think Big E could bring some stuff out of me that I would want to do just to make Big E proud of me, right? So, the story goes with Big E and I, is that the only match that I ever was late for, or that I missed in WCW coming up, was a match that I called in and told them I couldn't catch the plane 'cause I was at a signing. And I had to stay until everybody was taken care of. Big E was one of the kids I stayed for. Okay? So I'll never forget his face. I'll never forget that day. And the fact that I made a positive impression upon somebody like that who's been so successful at what they do, it's an honor and a privilege for me. So, you know, getting in the ring with him would be a different situation. But it'd be really cool in its own right."

Goldberg still has a couple of years left on his contract, with two matches locked in for each year. He's already had one — a WWE Championship match with Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble in January — but has not appeared since.


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