WWE: "Brothers of Destruction" Documentary Will Premiere At Austin Film Festival

Following the insane popularity of the documentary of Undertaker: The Last Ride on the WWE Network, the organization is diving once again into the documentary game with their upcoming "Brothers of Destruction" movie that will focus on both the Undertaker and his fictional brother in Kaine. With the documentary exploring the wrestlers of Mark Calaway and Glenn Jacobs, it will be interesting to see where the movie goes when it comes to the long running team of supernatural brothers that have both been at one another's throats and allies in a nearly unbeatable tag team!

Kaine first made his debut years after the Undertaker hit the scene, presenting himself as the "red behemoth" who masked his appearance and acted as something of a wrecking ball within World Wrestling Entertainment. While rooted deeply in the supernatural world that was established by Calaway years before, Jacobs fit right into the organization as he often found himself at odds with his brother in the squared circle. Much like the Undertaker, Kaine's appearance and demeanor changed where both his mask, and personality, had changed. Currently, Jacobs is acting as the mayor of Knox County in Tennessee, trading in his spandex for a suit as a politician!

World Wrestling Entertainment shared the big news that "Brothers of Destruction" would be premiering at the Austin Film Festival, giving fans a brand new look into the careers of both the Undertaker and Kaine, as well as giving us never before seen footage of the two wrestlers having a discussion about their careers:

Both Undertaker and Kaine don't wrestle as much as they used to, but when they do hit the ring, it's clear that the fan base for them in the WWE still loves to see both Calaway and Jacobs wrestler. While we don't know all the secrets that will be revealed in this upcoming documentary, if Undertaker: The Last Ride is any indication, there are going to be plenty of surprises for fans of professional wrestling when it comes to two of the biggest wrestlers in the business!

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