WWE: Undertaker 30th Anniversary Photoshoot Reveals Bayley Tattooed Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is currently in the middle of one of WWE's biggest and best rivalries, but when she's not slamming Bayley with steel chairs she still finds the time to fit in some other projects. Evidently, that includes an upcoming photoshoot WWE is holding for Undertaker's 30th Anniversary, and we just got our first look at Sasha's homage to the dead man. The photo comes courtesy of @TheNextBlGThing. The photo features Banks taking on a look inspired by Undertaker's American Badass days, complete with a neck tattoo that spells out Bayley, making for a perfect rest in peace pose for her bitter rival.

In addition to the tattoo, Sasha has on a black top, black pants, and black biker gloves to complete the look, and is even doing Undertaker's trademark RIP move. This seems to be part of an overall 30th Anniversary photoshoot, so hopefully, we'll get to see even more superstars give their best Undertaker impressions.

The photo was posted with the caption "OH MY GOD She’s ready to whoop Bayley’s ass!!! @SashaBanksWWE," and you can find the photo below.

"This is Undertaker inspired photoshoot. Bayley on her neck. Taker used to have “Sara” on his neck."

"Alright connecting the dots, this looks like a photoshoot they are doing for Undertaker’s 30th anniversary. Every superstar probably with a different look from Taker’s 30 years. Sasha’s is perfect!"

Sasha actually delivered a hilarious impression of Undertaker in the ring on SmackDown a few months ago, complete with flickering eyes and stuck out tongue. Fans got a huge kick out of it, and we think they'll like this more serious take on the character too.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.


"Roman Reigns will be officially crowned Tribal Chief, Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy will battle in an Intercontinental Championship Match, and Kevin Owens comes to SmackDown for a special edition of "The KO Show" with Alexa Bliss."

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