Chad Gable Confirms Jason Jordan is Attempting a WWE Comeback

It's been nearly three years since Jason Jordan last competed inside of a WWE ring. The former tag [...]

It's been nearly three years since Jason Jordan last competed inside of a WWE ring. The former tag team champion and storyline son of Kurt Angle suffered a neck injury in January 2018 and has since worked behind the scenes as a WWE producer. However in a new interview with The Bump this week, Jordan's former tag partner Chad Gable confirmed that he is still working on trying to get back in the ring as a competitor.

"Jason was such a big part of life [and] my journey to being successful in WWE. Who's to say if I would've ever even gotten a start in NXT or the main roster if it wasn't for Jason? I just feel so fortunate that we meshed together so well. He's another one of those guys like Otis that our mentalities are just so similar and we just resonate on the same levels when it comes to everything, I think it bled through in our tag team and that's why the cohesiveness was always there," Gable said (h/t Fightful).

"Just speaking from a personal standpoint, he became one of my best friends throughout the process and still is. It's unfortunate what happened with his injury, but you never say never," he added. "He's working on it, he's trying to get back, and who knows? A reunion is always something that I would never be against."

After being recruited by Gerald Brisco, Jordan (real name Nathan Everhart) first signed a developmental contract in 2011. While his time on NXT initially stalled, he found success by teaming with Gable and forming American Alpha. Together, the two held the NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Championships before Jordan was moved over to Raw and named Angle's illegitimate son. He held the Raw Tag Team Championships with Seth Rollins at one point and teased a heel turn (that was supposed to lead to a match with Angle at WrestleMania), but it never fully materialized.

Gable, having fully dropped the Shorty G persona that plagued him for over a year, is now working as Otis' "trainer" on Friday Night SmackDown.