Charlotte Flair Responds to WWE Suspension

WWE broke the news after this week's Monday Night Raw that Charlotte Flair would receive and indefinite suspension and $100,000 fine for attacking a referee at the end of this week's Monday Night Raw. "The Queen" finally responded to the news on Tuesday afternoon, writing, "This whole thing sped past ridiculous, jumped over absurd and landed right on stupid. The top two wrestlers in WWE having a classic match on the flagship show, and for what? To be ruined by a petulant child with Road Warriors cosplay shoulder pads."

They found one other thing as well: audacity," she continued. "The audacity to fine me. The audacity to physically remove me from MY RING and remove me from a building with MY NAME on the marquee. The fine? The suspension? Adam Pearce? All the same, a joke.

The main event of Raw saw Flair lose to Asuka after a small distraction from Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, who stood at ringside for the match. Flair responded by repeatedly attacking the referee, prompting Adam Pearce to make the announcement on Raw Talk.

The news comes just one week after Flair returned from a brief absence. Weeks prior to WrestleMania 37 she confirmed that she had tested positive for COVID-19, eventually leading to Ripley and Asuka getting booked as a singles match for NIght Two of WrestleMania. Andrade, Flair's fiance, also broke the news that WWE doctors mistook "The Queen" for being pregnant prior to the COVID-19 diagnosis, which briefly had her on medical suspension.

"What Manny [Andrade] said about the pregnancy test in today's interview is true, but a significant amount of context is lost in translation and we'd like to clear that up as best we can," Flair's team wrote in a statement after Andrade's shoot interview broke that news. "A few weeks ago, Charlotte received a call from WWE medical telling her that her HCG levels had come back high and she was being medically suspended for pregnancy. That day, she took several home tests that all came back negative. A few days later, blood work and ultrasound confirmed there was no pregnancy. This was before any issues with Covid (she is currently medically clear)."