Charlotte Flair and Shayna Baszler Reignite the Four Horsewomen Feud

This week's Monday Night Raw saw Shayna Baszler reunited onscreen with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, two fellow members of the Four Horsewomen on MMA. The online feud between Baszler's group (which also includes Ronda Rousey) and the Four Horsewomen of WWE (Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley) has gone on for years, and the WWE on FOX Twitter account decided to stoke those flames by asking which faction is better.

Baszler responded by writing, "WE ARE THE ACTUAL TEAM!!!! They are just 4 good wrestlers." This prompted a response from Flair.

Lynch and Banks didn't respond, while Bayley just tried to laugh it off.

The idea of an eight-woman tag match between the two groups has been a staple of fantasy booking for years, but it could take quite some time before it actually happens. Duke and Shafir are still training at the Performance Center, Flair is still recovering from recent surgery, Lynch is pregnant and will be out of action through the rest of 2020 (at least) and Ronda Rousey hasn't appeared on WWE programming in any capacity since WrestleMania 35. And based on interviews that have come out since then, she doesn't seem to be in any rush.


"So it's just like … what am I doing it for if I'm not being able to spend my time and energy on my family, but instead spending my time and my energy on a bunch of f—ing ungrateful fans that don't even appreciate me? I love performing. I love the girls. I love being out there," Rousey said back in April. "But, at the end of the day, I was just like, 'F— these fans, dude.' My family loves me and they appreciate me and I want all my energy to go into them. So that was my decision at the end of the day. It's like, 'Hey girls. Love what you're doing. I'm gonna try and take all my momentum and push you guys as far as I can … fly little birds, fly! I'm going f*cking home!' And that was basically it."