WWE Clash at the Castle: Best and Worst Moments - Drew McIntyre's Crushing Loss, New Champions, and More

We break down the new Women's Tag Champions, Cody vs AJ, Chelsea Green, and more highlights from WWE's Clash at the Castle

WWE's Clash at the Castle started out with a thrilling rivalry and ended in crushing fashion for one fan-favorite Superstar, though there were also plenty of entertaining moments in between. Throughout the night there was one shocking Title change and two other Title that shockingly didn't change hands, and yes, CM Punk certainly made his presence felt, much to Drew McIntyre's chagrin. We're here to break down all of the best and worst moments and the other big highlights of the night, and some are more tied together than you might assume, so let's get started with the positives.

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Best Moments

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn's Surprise Win: Going into Clash at the Castle I had no expectations that Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill would leave Scotland without the Women's Tag Team Championships in hand. Turns out I was completely wrong on that front, as WWE crowned Fyre and Dawn as the new Women's Tag Team Champs. It was an awesome moment for both superstars, and the crowd gave them a great reception that no one will forget anytime soon. It was not just a big surprise, but a welcome one.

A Thrilling (and Brutal) Kick-Off: Speaking of surprises, no one would be surprised to learn that Cody Rhodes vs AJ Styles was fantastic. What was a bit surprising was just how violent the match got, and the inclusion of tables, chairs, kendo sticks, and handcuffs only raised that another notch. Styles and Rhodes delivered a stellar match that was made even more impactful with those weapons as opposed to the other way around, and throw in Rhodes lifting a set of steel steps to threaten Styles into quitting and you get yourself a fire starter showdown.

Otis Saves Maxxine: That wasn't the only stellar match of course, as Sami Zayn vs Chad Gable also delivered in the ring. That said, the story surrounding the match was even better, and while Alpha Academy had several moments to shine, it was Otis that really stepped into the spotlight. Otis decided not to help Gable attack Zayn and instead helped Maxxine, carrying her and her injured foot to the back and leaving Gable to fend for himself. The big turn on Gable is starting to hit its peak, and fans are going to cheer often and loudly for Otis when it finally turns the corner.

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Worst Moments

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill's Loss: While the Unholy Union winning the Women's Tag Team Champions was a welcome surprise, it also meant Belair and Cargill had to lose. That wasn't something expected this early in their tenure as a team, especially since Jade technically tapped out to Shayna Baszler during the match. It's not clear if that was planned or not, but it didn't actually play into the finish ultimately. This team has already done quite a bit to bolster the Women's Tag Team Championships in their short time together, so it is a bit disappointing to see them lose those Titles so soon, even if the new Champions are great picks moving forward.

Drew McIntyre's Losing Streak in Scotland: Drew McIntyre might be a heel at the moment, but that simply didn't matter on his home turf, and the fans made that clear throughout his match with Damian Priest. McIntyre previously lost at Clash at the Castle (which had a rather infamous ending), so many were hoping he would get the win this time around in front of his home crowd. That was not meant to be though, and while I am a huge fan of the story they are telling, it is unfortunate that McIntyre had to eat back-to-back high-profile losses in Scotland.

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Drew McIntyre's Entrance: By the way, I wasn't lying when I said the fans were on his side. McIntyre received a hero's welcome once his music started, and the pop from the crowd was kind of insane. McIntyre's reaction passed the 100 level on the decibel meter, and combined with the presentation before McIntyre even walked to the ring, it was an epic way to enter Clash at the Castle.

Chelsea Green...Just Everything: Chelsea Green is just brilliant at this pro wrestling thing, and that once again showed itself during Clash. Green's mannerisms and expressions were priceless as Piper Niven fought Bayley in the ring, and coming back after being kicked out with a luchador mask to try and intervene again was comedy gold.

Clash at the Castle Updated Results

  • World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest def. Drew McIntyre
  • Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes def. AJ Styles ("I Quit" Match)
  • WWE Women's Champion Bayley def. Piper Niven
  • Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn def. Chad Gable
  • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn (C) def. Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark & Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill

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