CM Punk Reveals Health Status and Teases Next WWE Appearance

CM Punk says he's close to being cleared and will hopefully show up on SmackDown next week to share the good news

CM Punk certainly left an impression on the Scotland crowd at WWE's Clash at the Castle after he showed up as a referee during Drew McIntyre's match against Damian Priest. That appearance would lead to McIntyre being clocked by Damian Priest to retain his WWE Heavyweight Championship, and Punk was all too happy to cost McIntyre another big moment. Punk would then make an appearance during the Clash at the Castle press conference, where he revealed that he hopes to be cleared as soon as next week and that he is likely to appear on next week's SmackDown to share the good news.

When asked a question (via Cultaholic) about his status and injury, Punk said, "I've been cleared, only for referee duty. I had a little bit of a hiccup out there, so we'll go back to the lab and reassess. I can tell you that my arm feels amazing. I got permission to skip Raw in Corpus Christy to go home to Chicago and see my doctors with the idea that I'm going to be cleared."

If he's cleared, that's pretty perfect timing, as SmackDown next week is also in Chicago, so that could be where he announces he is officially back in action.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to say that, but throughout my career saying stuff I'm not supposed to say has done me well so why stop now? I think SmackDown's in Chicago next week," Punk said. "I'm a Raw guy, I'm going to skip Raw. I'm going to get cleared and then show up to SmackDown and let everybody know the good news. Hopefully, keep em' crossed."

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What Happened?

McIntyre and Priest battled it out throughout the whole match, but things turned when McIntyre seemed to hurt Priest's knee. After that, the Champion was clearly hobbled, and McIntyre was on the edge of taking him down. Unfortunately, the referee was knocked out on the floor at one point and didn't see McIntyre pin Priest for a lengthy amount of time. A referee did eventually show up, but once the camera turned it was revealed to be Punk.

McIntyre would attack Punk and shove him into the corner turnbuckle, but Punk got the last laugh by hitting a low blow that left McIntrye unable to fend off a returning Damian Priest. Priest was able to knock McIntyre out just long enough to get the win and retain his Title, while Punk laughed and smiled as he walked away. As for McIntyre, well, he's probably going to be livid when WWE Raw rolls around.

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