WWE Legends Get Revenge on Randy Orton During Clash of Champions Title Match

The WWE Championship Ambulance Match between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton featured some surprise returns throughout the bout, and it started very early on. As Orton worked over McIntyre, who sold his previously injured jaw, he went to set-up the punt kick. Just as he was getting ready to go through with it, someone on the outside of the ring grabbed Orton.

The camera panned to reveal that it was the Big Show. He pulled Orton to the outside and chokeslammed him through the announcer's table, giving McIntyre a big advantage as the match continued.

Big Show was last seen over the summer when he was also the recipient of a brutal attack by Orton, much like Ric Flair, Christian, and Shawn Michaels were as well during successive weeks. Big Show's most notable contribution in the entertainment industry recently has been a Netflix series that was recently revealed to have been cancelled.

Later in the match, they fought backstage and Christian made a surprise appearance as well, attacking Christian near catering. Christian, as mentioned, was also someone out for revenge on Orton based on an attack over the summer.


Later, Randy Orton was perched atop the ambulance and thought he had McIntyre beat when out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels returned to hit a Sweet Chin Music on Orton. He then pushed Orton to the ground below where McIntyre awaited him.

McIntyre would go on to win the match following a Claymore Kick and Punt Kick of his own. Ric Flair was then revealed to be driving the ambulance as he took Orton away.