WWE: Clash Of Champions Crowns New 24/7 Champion

Update: Drew Gulak lost the belt shortly after winning the Championship, with R Truth performing a sneak attack during an interview.

Clash of Champions is currently under way, but in a moment of levity, it seems as if R Truth fell prey to a sneak attack that had him losing the 24/7 Championship. The belt, which can be acquired by a wrestler any time and any where as long as there is a referee around, was handed off to the new owner in Drew Gulak, who was able to quickly deliver a stunning defeat to R Truth while also gaining the championship. While R Truth has done well at defending his belt, mostly by avoiding most super stars, it seems tonight was not his night.

R Truth came onto the scene during Clash of Champions 2020 wearing a ridiculous outfit that disguised himself as an old timey prospector, stunning the commentators during the Pay-Per-View event. Terrified of losing his title, R Truth donned the unbelievable get up and confidently stated that he wouldn't lose the belt during the run time of Clash. Unfortunately, Drew Gulak had other thoughts in mind as R Truth accidentally ran near some referees who were more than willing to count out the current 24/7 champion as Drew laid the smack down.

In tonight's event, R Truth also brought back his imaginary friend in Little Jimmy, eventually blaming the non-existent child for his ultimate defeat. R Truth has managed to tie himself to the 24/7 belt for some time, losing it briefly to Gronk during the NFL player's brief stint within World Wrestling Entertainment. Needless to say, we would imagine that Truth will have his eyes set on Gulak and will do anything to win the title back as quickly as possible.

WWE shared the big news via their Official Twitter Account, congratulating Drew Gulak on his big championship win, but as has been the case with the 24/7 Championship belt in the past, the title is for Gulak to lose and could switch hands at any time:


Gulak himself is no stranger to holding a championship belt, having earned the Cruiserweight Championship a few years back. This new title will bring a lot of attention to Drew moving forward, which is something he probably doesn't want since his belt can be taken at any time!

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