CM Punk Takes Vicious Shots at WWE for Not Building New Stars

CM Punk is taking some big swings at the WWE for not building up new stars. One of the former superstar’s Deadlift Wednesdays got really spicy on Twitter this week. He asked people on the social media platform to ask him anything and Punk decided to speak his mind about the lack of a “next megastar” in the WWE ranks. In fact, he said, “there is nobody.” After another fan asked if his early retirement from the ring led to his feelings on the matter, Punk joked that he put over some older stars just fine during his time with the company. Some fans are enjoying those comments because of some lingering concerns that WWE needs to build its younger performers a little bit more. But, as ever, the former champion has loads of people talking because of those polarizing comments.

Punk joked, “I put over such young lions that are the future of the business like the undertaker, hhh, the rock, and brock lesnar! The future looks good!”

One of those times that the former WWE superstar talked about getting the short end of the stick was on WWE Backstage earlier this year. That 2013 match with John Cena for a shot at The Rock at WrestleMania 29 still stings.

"Ironically enough for a guy that calls himself the 'Best in the World,' I don't like talking about myself," Punk said. "But off the top of my head I remember wrestling John Cena in [Dallas]... and it was kind of thrown together last minute and I was told that it was going to be for a shot at The Rock at WrestleMania. Becky [Lynch] is sitting here talking about chips on her shoulders, being hot, being cold... Michael Jordan had the 'flu game,' I had the flu match. I was deathly ill for this. And I remember just laying on the floor being like, man I felt like I ran another marathon and I get to the finish line and I've got to hand the baton off to somebody else who runs the last .2 miles and gets to cross the finish line."


"I was just like, 'Man, I don't know what I'm doing anymore.' And John was like, 'Well, what do you want to do?' And I just said, 'I want to give you a piledriver, John.' That was it, that's all we had," he added. "We went out there and I think the crowd certainly helped us because I was so sick that that I just... it was really hard to care, and they made me care. I went out there and I felt their energy and we gave to them something that I think stands the test of time."

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