Report: More Details on Why CM Punk Didn't Sign With AEW

A new report has revealed details as to why CM Punk ultimately did not sign with All Elite Wrestling. As more former WWE talent makes their way to All Elite Wrestling, there has been a wonder as to whether or not the fan favorite CM Punk would make his return to wrestling through the promotion. There were reports that he had met with Tony Khan potentially to make this happen, but had turned down the promotion in favor of a new deal with FOX that led to him appearing occasionally on WWE Backstage.

But according to Konnan, who spoke about the talks between CM Punk and AEW during an interview with Keepin' It 100, the deal fell through not because CM Punk had turned them down but instead that he had simply asked for an "astronomical" amount of money. It ended up being too much for AEW.

Konnan does not specify how much money CM Punk was reportedly asking for, and further emphasized how it was just "too much" for the promotion stating, “I do remember when I was negotiating with AEW and they were telling me about him. They were telling me that he was asking for an astronomical amount of money, that they really wanted to work with him but..."

CM Punk All Elite Wrestling AEW
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According to Konnan, Punk had actually approached AEW with the deal, but AEW had quickly shot it down due to the amount of money. Elaborating on this further Konnan speculated about how what he could have done in the promotion, "...if they want to do something with him and Jericho or him and Cody, I’m sure they could...[b]ut like I said from what they told me he was asking for way too much, and that is a company that’s willing to spend, so who knows what he was asking for.”


As for how well Punk might do in AEW now, Konnan stated the following, “Timing is a lot of everything and plus they say he didn’t draw any ratings on Backstage, most people don’t watch WWE to watch Backstage, but I don’t think he’d be a big deal now in AEW.” CM Punk does continue to be one of the most requested former WWE Superstars to see in action again someday, but it seems like it probably won't be with All Elite Wrestling. What do you think? Would CM Punk be successful in All Elite Wrestling? Is that something you would even want to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

via Keepin' It 100

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