WWE Crowns new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions at Great American Bash

Sitting atop the WWE NXT Women's Tag Division is Toxic Attraction, but after a battle with Katana Chance and Kayden Carter last week, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade earned the right to challenge Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne for their Tag Championships. NXT Champion Mandy Rose accompanied her teammates to the ring, and while that did save Dolin and Jayne from a loss earlier in the match, Rose also ended up getting thrown out of the match because of it, and Jade and Perez took advantage. Jade would keep Dolin preoccupied, allowing Perez to hit the finisher on Dolin and get the win, making Perez and Jade the new WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.

Once the bell hit Jade and Jayne kicked things off, countering each other for a bit until Jade hit a dropkick and went for the cover, but Jayne kicked out and tagged Dolin in. Dolin knocked Jade down and went for Perez but she evaded; Jade tagged Perez in and then she got Dolin set up for a team move only to have the referee call them on it and break it up. That allowed Dolin to throw Perez into their corner and isolate her from Jade.

A big chop followed and then Jayne tagged in and hit another one. Jayne went for a cover but Perez kicked out, and so Jayne stomped on her hand and then there her back into their team's corner so she could tag in Dolin. Dolin stomped on her and then continued to work on her in the center before throwing her back in their corner once more. They both hit moves on Perez before Jayne (who had tagged in) tried a cover, but Perez kicked out.

Jayne hit a few punches and then hit a Senton into a cover but she Perez kicked out. Jayne got her back in their corner and tagged in Dolin, and Perez was clearly weakened at this point, though she still kicked out of Dolin's cover attempt. Perez slapped Dolin and then punched her but ended up knocked down and in another corner, though this time Perez reversed a move and went for a cover, but Dolin kicked out. Dolin hit a series of kicks on Perez who crawled to the bottom rope. Dolin then grabbed her nose and then put her Perez's mouth on the bottom rope, following it up with a stomp and then a cover, but Perez kicked out.

Perez was isolated in their corner again and then Jayne tagged in, locking in a stretch before Perez kicked her away. A punch followed and then both hit kicks that knocked them down to the mat, and finally, Perez tagged Jade. Dolin tagged in as well and Jade went on a tear, hitting an Enziguri and then charging at Dolin. Jade went for the cover on Jayne but she kicked out, and then Jade threw her into the corner turnbuckle. Jade tagged in Perez and then went up top but didn't connect on a dropkick. Jayne was knocked down and covered but Rose pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent a pin and the referee threw her out of the ring.


Jayne then pinned Jade but jade reversed it and rolled her up but she kicked out. Jade tagged Perez in and she was hit by both Jayne and Perez, but Jade broke up a pin attempt. Then Jade charged at Jayne and knocked her outside. Then Perez hit Pop Rocks on Dolin and that was enough for the cover and the win, making Perez and Jade your new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions!

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