EC3 Calls WWE's Creative Process 'Broken'

EC3 has made it abundantly clear since he left WWE that he wasn't happy with how the company used him during his latest run. But in a new interview with Fightful, Carter flat-out called WWE's creative process "broken" while talking about how easily he was able to get his new persona over online. He explained, "I was like, 'If I pitched it to [WWE], it's gonna suck and I'm going to lose my mind.' So, in my mind I watched the Fiend lose to Goldberg at Saudi, like that guy put so much work into being the most creative thing I've ever seen and then they just throw it away. But, I gotta do something. So, I pitch this beginning. The same thing that I released when I got fired...

"Before I got fired I filmed it on my couch," he continued. "Isn't that cool? It [took] about two hours, probably. I filmed an earlier version that I pitched and then there was a Raw at the Performance Center. 'Everyone loved it. It was great. So smart.' But, it's ironic enough. So, I'm sitting on this sweet video and this sweet pitch. At first it wasn't even about this character, it was 90 days of freedom to do what I want with a wrestling character, how I want it. Let's see where it goes, because someday someone else is gonna get their hands on it. It'll be manipulated, and it won't be as true to my vision and which is okay. 'Cause that's what happens to some extent. It was also a 90 day exhibition in showing how broken WWE creative process is. If I and a buddy and a Sony handheld and some cool music can do more with a brick wall than you can do with every person..."

In the months since his release, Carter has not only reinvented himself but also teased jumping to Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and AEW. His 90-day "No Compete" Clause following his WWE release ends later this week.

In a Facebook AMA earlier this week, Carter took a shot at what WWE had him do once he was called up to the Raw roster last year.

"Any gimmick is an opportunity to act like a fool and get paid for it. I'm of the school of thought that I have the ability to make anything worst," Carter wrote when asked what his worst gimmick in wrestling was. "But probably a mute one-dimensional character that just posed in front of a mirror because "he has muscles so he's a guy that just looks in the mirror harhar."