WWE's Elias Tops Charts With Universal Truth EP

Elias' latest EP, Universal Truth, has already made it to the top of the charts. Less than a full 24 hours after the four-song album was released it reached No. 1 on iTunes' Sound Chart, beating out the original soundtrack of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. The EP consists of Elias' new entrance theme "Amen (I'm Going In)," "Street Light," "Lead Me Home" and a mashup of "Amazing Grace" and "The House of the Rising Sun." "The Drifter" took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to thank his fans for making this possible.

"Thank you to everyone who made this possible," he wrote. "We made history last night in under 24 hours hitting the #1 spot in our category on @AppleMusic & @iTunes. This speaks to the power of Elias,and the power of the Universal Truth that everybody knows deep in their hearts."

During a recent interview with ComicBook, the former 24/7 Champion explained how the album explains how his character is evolving.

"The first album, Walk With Elias, it was very much about who I was at that time. And that'll always be me and will always be a part of me, but you're going to see there's a real spiritual element to this new music that I come out here with. It's spiritual energy, it's rock and roll. We're going to blend that all together, and you're going to see, not only has Elias evolved as a person, you're going to see that my music has evolved, my abilities have evolved, and onscreen, of course, when it comes time to getting it done in the ring, you're going to see the evolution there."


He also explained the album's title, a reference to his catchphrase.

"The reason I call it that is because that's all I'm doing on this album," he said. "I'm giving you the truth. And when I get out there in front of a bunch of, whatever it may be, thousands of people across the world, millions watching on TV, I always say there is a universal truth. And everyone knows it deep in their hearts, and that is that WWE stands for 'Walk With Elias,' and this one is going to touch your heart."