Watch: Otis Bulldozes Himself Completely Out of Elimination Chamber

It's been a rough few weeks for Heavy Machinery as Tucker and Otis have been on the receiving end of some pretty hefty blows. This is especially true for Otis who had a small thing going with Mandy Rose that built up to a date the two had planned for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, this date was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Otis was left broken hearted. The duo has been waiting for their big chance at payback and it seemed like the perfect opportunity came during WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event.

This intensity might have come back to bite Otis at the end of the day as his ferocious intensity and heavy body actually led him to completely breaking out of the chamber itself. On launching himself at Dolph Ziggler with everything he had, Ziggler swerved at the final moment and Otis was sent tumbling through the glass wall of the chamber and to the mat outside. Check it out:

This is a rarity for the Elimination Chamber match as a whole, and thus wasn't breaking the rules of any kind! But unfortunately, the tumble out of the chamber also dealt some heavy damage to Otis himself and thus Tucker was left to defend their position in the match all alone. Up against the ferocity of the other tag teams, Heavy Machinery was unfortunately eliminated from the match soon after.


As the duo continue to rise in the ranks and among the hearts of the fans, there's a hope that they are setting up Otis for a major comeback of some kind. With the road to Wrestlemania still continuing and reaching a fever pitch, now would be the greatest time for Heavy Machinery to really strut their stuff!

Although Otis did miss, breaking out of the chamber shows just how much power and weight behind his move and if he manages to hit Ziggler with it one day he will definitely make up for all of the emotional trauma Ziggler had put him through with the loss of his "peach." There's no telling whether or not the Tag Team Championship is in Heavy Machinery's future just yet, but this would certainly be a great start to what would hopefully be a fun and lengthy run at the top of the food chain.