WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Start Time, Date, Full Card, How to Watch, Streaming

WWE's 14th annual Extreme Rules pay-per-view takes place on Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. And while the show will be yet another premium live event without a world championship match, WWE has loaded it with stipulation matches. That includes the main roster debut of the Fight Pit, a Ladder Match, an I Quit Match and the titular Extreme Rules match between Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Of the grudge matches on the card, few promise more violence than Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins. The feud between the two started back before SummerSlam when Rollins poked fun at Riddle's partner Randy Orton being out with a back injury. The two were supposed to fight at SummerSlam, only for Rollins to Curb Stomp him on the edge of a set of steel ring steps. 

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Start Time, Date

  • Date: Oct. 8, 2022
  • Start Time: 8 p.m. ET
  • Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia
  • Stream: Peacock

The fighting between the two continued when Riddle returned and a match was booked for Clash at the Castle. Rollins was victorious by getting inside Riddle's head, aggravating him by using Orton's moves. He capitalized on one of Riddle's mistakes by Curb Stomping him as he re-entered the ring, then nailed a second stomp from the second turnbuckle. Riddle then turned the tables by goading Rollins into a rematch by consistently interfering in his matches, going so far as to cost him a chance at winning the United States Championship. Rollins eventually agreed to a rematch, which Riddle declared to be a Fight Pit. "The Original Bro" took part in the first Fight Pit match down in NXT, but lost to Timothy Thatcher. 

As for the rest of the card, the only other championship match is Bianca Belair vs. Bayley for the Raw Women's Championship. Bayley picked up a pinfall win over Belair in a six-women tag match at Clash at the Castle and has been holding it over her head ever since. "The Role Model" then upped the ante by making their title bout a Ladder Match, which "The EST" accepted.

Another big storyline heading into the show is the potential reveal of the mysterious "White Rabbit." After weeks of mysterious hidden messages on episodes of Raw and SmackDown, the identity of the messenger (reportedly a returning Bray Wyatt) will be reportedly be revealed during the show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Full Card

  • Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins (Fight Pit Match)
  • SmackDown Women's Championship: Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules Match)
  • Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair vs. Bayley (Ladder Match)
  • Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)
  • Edge vs. Finn Balor (I Quit Match)
  • The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium (Good Old Fashion Donnybrook Match)