Update On Plans For 'Eye For An Eye' Match at WWE Extreme Rules

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio will have what is being billed as an "Eye for an Eye Match" at WWE's next PPV event, The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, on Sunday, July 19th. Details of the bout and how exactly such a crazy stipulation will play out have been kept pretty much under wraps since the stipulation was announced. Just as the stipulation sounds, WWE has said a competitor must pull out his opponent's eyeball to secure the victory. Yes, really.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this will be a cinematic style match. This will allow WWE to go in and add CGI effects after the fact to make such a crude stipulation appear to really play out on television.

The "Eye for an Eye Match" won't be the only cinematic match at Extreme Rules. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman are set to collide in a "Wyatt Swamp Fight" at the show, which will also be filmed in advance and on location. WWE has leaned heavily on these cinematic style matches during the COVID-19 pandemic and have had mixed success in doing so, with the Boneyard Match and Firefly Fun House matches from WrestleMania 36 really standing out. Additionally, some special effects were added to the Randy Orton vs. Edge match at Backlash as well, which made it somewhat of a cinematic style match.

Interestingly, Mysterio is currently working WWE without a long term contract with the company. He signed an 18 month contract in 2018 and it has since lapsed. Mysterio and WWE have been unable to come to terms on a new deal, with Mysterio asking for a raise that WWE has so far been unwilling to pay. Mysterio has reportedly held firm on his contractual demands, however, due to WWE pulling in massive profits in recent months with big money television deals from FOX and USA Network.

That being said, Mysterio continues to negotiate with other companies and will likely go where the money and schedule is best. Dominick Mysterio has recently been brought back into storylines with his father, and that's no coincidence. The involvement of Mysterio's son is one way WWE has been making moves that will hopefully please Rey and get him to sign with the company once again.

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