WWE's Big E Defeats Apollo Crews At Fastlane For A Price

Big E continues his career as a single wrestler, walking down his path without the benefit of his [...]

Big E continues his career as a single wrestler, walking down his path without the benefit of his teammates within the New Day and his latest match saw him defeating Apollo Crews to prove his worth, but the superstar received quite the beating as a result. E was able to pin Crews, but in a way that caused confusion for audiences and Apollo himself, with the challenger to the Intercontinental Champion deciding to unleash a torrent of blows to Big E, proving that the pair are far from done with their rivalry which might spill into WrestleMania.

Big E's career as a single force has been one that has seen the member of the New Day hitting new heights, achieving ownership of the Intercontinental belt in the process. Though E was eliminated in this year's Royal Rumble, it's clear that he isn't letting that defeat stop him. With Apollo Crews proving to take on a new meaner persona and delivering the blows to Big E to prove it, it's clear that Crews' defeat wasn't enough to ice down his personality as after his loss, he unleashed the full force of his power and clearly has begun a big grudge between himself and the New Day member.

WWE's Official Twitter Account shared the news that Big E was able to retain his Intercontinental Championship, though is able to make mention that this win didn't come without cost as Apollo Crews was able to deliver an insane beating to the current champion:

WrestleMania's full card has yet to be revealed, with only a few weeks until World Wrestling Entertainment's big annual event is aired, though it definitely seems as if the rivalry between Big E and Apollo Crews will spill over into the main event. Big E has been able to prove himself both within the New Day and as a solo superstar, and it will definitely be interesting to see where his career takes him within the WWE as WrestleMania 37 continues to form.

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