Finn Balor Pitches an NXT Championship Match at WrestleMania 37

Though the title has been around since 2012 and has been held by some of WWE's most gifted wrestlers, the NXT Championship yet to be defended at a WrestleMania. Reigning Champion Finn Balor was asked about that very subject in a new interview with Sportskeeda and was pitched the idea of the Royal Rumble winner challenging him just like Charlotte Flair did against then-NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 36. Balor's choice for a WrestleMania opponent was none other than former NXT Champion Karrion Kross.

"But with regards to someone to win and face Finn Balor for the NXT Championship, you know, obviously, the big choice would be Karrion Kross," Balor said. "I feel like he deserves a title shot. You know, obviously, I have gone through what he has gone through in the past. I sympathize and have empath with his situation."

Kross won the NXT Championship back at NXT TakeOver: XXX, but had to relinquish it just four days later due to a separated shoulder. Balor eventually won the vacated title by defeating Adam Cole. Kross' situation was eerily similar to what happened to Balor back in 2016, as "The Prince" became the first man to ever hold the WWE Universal Championship only to relinquish it one night later due to a shoulder injury. Prior to Balor's title defense against Kyle O'Reilly at New Year's Evil, Kross made it clear he wants to get his hands back on the title.

On the subject of the Universal title, Balor said elsewhere in the interview that he had no personal interest in getting the championship back.


"I don't really prioritize titles," Balor said. "You know, I this strange outlook in regards to those things. I've been very fortunate to have held the Universal Title in the past. That was kind of all I needed in the sense that that's the chase, that's what you want. You know? You go get it and once you have it, you know, anything else after that is just kind of dressing on the side."

"With regards to titles and accolades in this business, that's not what drives me," he later added. "Going out and performing to the best of my ability every night, that's kind of what drives me. You know, to be creative in the ring. To wrestle a style that, you know, I feel confident in is something that drives me."