Next WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Revealed

While past WWE Hall of Fame classes have honored double-digit inductees, recent years have honed in on just a couple of names. The Class of 2022 exemplified that, as just five total acts received honors. This year's WWE Hall of Fame class looks to be no different, as Rey Mysterio is set to headline a group that has only gained a couple of names thus far. Joining the legendary luchador will be The Great Muta, a well-traveled Japanese sensation that made his name in NJPW, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and WCW.

As first reported by Variety, famed comedian and actor Andy Kaufman will be inducted into the celebrity wing as part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023. Kaufman's induction will be a posthumous honor, as he passed away in 1984.

Kaufman's ties to professional wrestling largely revolved around Jerry Lawler. The Taxi star declared himself the Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World which led to him challenging women to pin him. This brewed into a rivalry with Lawler in the Continental Wrestling Association out of Memphis, TN. This feud stretched all the way to Late Night with David Letterman, where a neck-braced Kaufman was confronted by Lawler. The brace was worn as a way to sell a piledriver given to Kaufman by Lawler shortly before.

Despite the on-screen bad blood, Kaufman and Lawler were always real-life friends. While this would seemingly make Lawler the obvious candidate to induct Kaufman into the Hall of Fame, his status is uncertain. Lawler suffered a stroke this past February and it is unclear as to if he will be healthy enough to make the trip to Los Angeles for the ceremony.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony goes down on Friday, March 31st immediately following WWE SmackDown.