WWE Selling Hilarious New WrestleMania 36 T-Shirt

It's been quite a last week for World Wrestling Entertainment. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, WrestleMania 36 has been moved from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida to the WWE Performance Center (and possibly some other sound stages) in Orlando, Florida. This should prove to be a WrestleMania like no other previously held by the company given the small venue size, let alone the fact that there won't be any crowd. Previously, WWE has sold t-shirts to commemorate fans who made the trek to the "Showcase of the Immortals." This year, well, they had to change things up just a little bit.

Previously, WWE was set to sell some "I Was There" shirts for WrestleMania 36. However, given the fact that nobody will be at the show this year from a fan perspective, these shirts couldn't be sold. Or could they?

Yes, this is a real shirt that WWE is now selling on the WWE Shop. It reads, "I Wasn't There." Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 5.01.52 PM
(Photo: WWE Shop)

Not only will this year's WrestleMania be unique in the arena setting, but also the nights that it airs. WWE has decided to air the show over the course of two nights. WrestleMania 36 will air on both Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th on the WWE Network. The event will not air live, however, as the company is planning on taping WrestleMania in advance this coming week in order to protect themselves in the case that travel restrictions due to the pandemic prevent talent from being able to get to the show.


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