Rare Photo of Kane Wearing a Cape Goes Viral

Former WWF Champion Kane has seen his character go through a vast number of appearance changes over the years, from him days as the silent long-haired monster in a red mask to a maniacal bald sadist. But there's one look most fans haven't seen — Kane with a cape. The Twitter account @90sWWE reminded fans of the old-school look with a rare photo on Sunday, one that showed Kane sporting the cape along with one of his earliest ring gear designs. As Kane has explained in various interviews, his look was originally going to be along the lines of a superhero outfit before changing prior to his debut in 1997 during the famous Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Check out the photo below and see for yourself:

Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) has popped up a few times during the new WWE Network documentary series Undertaker: The Last Ride, which covers the latter years of his kayfabe brother's run with WWE. Jacobs has served as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee since 2018, though he has made a number of appearances on WWE television and even held the WWE 24/7 Championship.

The latest episode of The Last Ride covers the infamous tag team match at Crown Jewel between The Brothers of Destruction and D-Generation X. Everyone involved in the match except Kane roasted it during the episode.

"It's with Kane and Taker, dude it's a night off, right," Triple H said while describing how he pitched the match to Michaels. "You'll come in there, we'll do a couple of crotch chops, we'll throw some glow sticks out, a couple of Superkicks, drop an elbow, it'll all be great. No problems, easy... except me and Taker are doing the 'once in a while' thing, Shawn hasn't wrestled in however many years, Kane's the mayor. It was like a bad comedy movie, it really is."

"It couldn't have gone any worse," he added.

"It was a total train wreck, it was a disaster," Undertaker said.

"Whoa, goodness. It totally blew," Michaels said.


Undertaker mentioned late in the episode that, had that match been the success they all hoped for, it might have been his last.

"If that match would've came off the way it was intended, the way we wanted it to, that may have been enough for me," Taker said.

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