Maria Kanellis States She Hasn't Requested Her WWE Release, Supports Mike's Decision

Even though she's been scripted to hate her husband in recent months on WWE television, Maria Kanellis is supporting Mike Kanellis' decision to request his release from WWE. The pair both signed lucrative multi-year contracts with the company over the summer leading to their return to Monday Night Raw. However in a lengthy statement on Monday afternoon, Mike wrote that working just once a week wasn't enough for him and that he wanted to do more with the prime of his career now that he's clean and sober. His statement didn't mention whether or not Maria would be joining him in attempting to leave the company, so she cleared that up on Instagram on Tuesday.

"1. Family first," she wrote. "2. I love and support my husband. 3. I make no apologies for either of my pregnancies. 4. Mike never went to rehab nor did WWE pay for it. 5. Mikes addiction was from about September 2013-July 2017. 6. We debuted in June 2017. 7. He never took time off. 8. I have not asked for my release. 9. You can unfollow me at anytime if you don't like what I stand for. 10. Suck it. P.S. Have a nice day!"

There's still no word on whether or not WWE will accept Mike's request and release him from his contract.

"Now that I am clean, sober and motivated, I want to have those 30 minute matches," his statement read. "I want to travel the world and wrestle in front of UK crowds, German crowds, Japanese Crowds. I want to feel the love and excitement wrestling once gave me. I also want my daughter to be able to see me wrestle. I want her to see her daddy work for his money. I've never been ok with just collecting a paycheck and I can't in good conscience tell my daughter she has to work her ass off to get ahead in life, then not do it myself. I don't know what the future holds, but for the first time in a long time, I'm hopeful and excited. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me and had my back. I love you."