Watch: Matt Hardy Begins Creating a New Character With 'The Multiverse of Matt Hardy'

Matt Hardy is at it again. The All Elite Wrestling star has been promoting on his Twitter that he'll be making a new YouTube series, "The Multiverse of Matt Hardy" in order to introduce the world to his new persona. He previously used his "Free The Delete" series in order to destroy the "Woken" persona created from his time in WWE, as well as break the news that he'd be joining AEW. In the months since then, Hardy has been jumping between his various personas on Dynamite and Being The Elite before deciding that he needed to drop all of them and become the "real" Matt Hardy.

The first episode of the new series dropped on Monday, showing Hardy interacting with his three sons before having a conversation with Damascus, the spirit that inhabits his Broken persona.

"You don't need me," Damascus explained. "You just needed to know that this side of you existed. And now that you know about all of your dimensions, all of your layers, it is us that needed you. You are complete, Matt Hardy. You are whole."

Hardy slicked back his hair as Damascus spoke, revealing that he had removed the red dye from his hair and returned it to its normal black color.

What do you think Hardy's new persona will be? Let us know your theories down in the comments below!


Hardy hasn't competed inside of a wrestling ring since the All Out pay-per-view, where he controversially continued a match with Sammy Guevara after slamming his head against the concrete floor during a spot gone wrong. He appeared on Dynamite the following Wednesday to confirm that he was okay and would be back once he's medically cleared.

This week's AEW Dynamite will serve as the one-yer celebration for the show's premiere on TNT. The card will feature every AEW Championship being defended, headlined by Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer for the AEW World Championship.