Mick Foley Compares R-K-Bro to Classic WWE Attitude Era Tag Team

The unlikely duo of Matt Riddle and Randy Orton (R-K-Bro) has been a surprise highlight of Monday Night Raw over the past few weeks. WWE's history is littered with unlikely duos finding success as tag teams, and Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to Twitter during the show to compare the pair to when he teamed with The Rock as The Rock 'n' Sock Connection. That pair formed back in August 1999 and wound up winning the WWF Tag Team Championships three times before splitting up a month later.

"I think #RKBro has a little of that #RockAndSock feel," Foley tweeted. "I LIKE IT!"

Riddle gave fans hope that the team would continue during Raw Talk last week, saying "R-K-Bro. Nobody thought it was ever going to happen. Last week, I beat Randy Orton in the center of the ring. Dude, he was about to RKO me too. He's done it before, kind of hurt, gave me a bloody lip the first time... I think he had a week to think about it, to sit on. Even on April 20, he sent me a little tweet saying, 'Hey, R-K-Bros, kind of like it.'

"But, since he's a Viper, I was a little worried he was setting me up," he continued. "But then... we approached me backstage tonight, I was actually expecting a confrontation. I'm up for a fight anytime. But when he came up and actually said R-K-Bro is a cool idea and he wanted to give it a shot and he already made plans for us to team together, I was like 'Randy, you shouldn't have! You're so nice.'"


"The Original Bro" found success with a different unlikely tag partner last year in NXT. He and Pete Dunne formed The BroserWeights back in early 2020 and wound up winning both the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the NXT Tag Team Championships within a few short months. However, the COVID-19 pandemic kept Dunne stuck overseas, forcing Riddle to find a replacement in Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher betrayed Riddle, cost the two the tag titles, then beat him in a Fight Pit Match. Riddle promptly left the brand to move to Raw.

Do you think R-K-Bro can work as a team? Or is this just another way for Orton to get fans' hopes up before betraying Riddle? Let us know in the comments below!