Latest Update on WWE Working With MLW

The past year has seen All Elite Wrestling begin crossing over with other major promotions like New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, AAA and the National Wrestling Alliance. WWE, on the other hand, rarely interacts or acknowledges other US promotions, though that might be changing soon. Last week the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported WWE as "in talks" with Major League Wrestling (MLW) about a possible working relationship that would see NXT stars appear on MLW programming. This was compared to the deal WWE previously had with EVOLVE before buying that promotion last year.

The wrestlers that would appear, according to the report, would be mostly comprised of stars who aren't getting used on weekly episodes of NXT.

MLW CEO Court Bauer sat down with POST Wrestling's John Pollock this week to address that report.

"I'm not going to comment on that stuff, but it's an interesting time in the world," Bauer said. "There's a lot of things that haven't been done since maybe the 70s with inter-promotional matches and stuff. We, of course, would be always intrigued by it, but you have to look and see what's the long-term strategy, does it align with your goals, does it align with their goals, does it ultimately serve the fans, company and talent to the best of its ability? Or is it just a quick transactional thing and you're just looking for the clout, the headlines? For me, I look at this and go, 'I'm not even done with my media rights deals. I know the valuation of my company is only going to go up. I am not interested in selling. I'm not having any conversations about selling.' Then that's step one.


"Strategically, how does it connect, how does mesh, how does it sync up?" he continued. "What's the upside and downside? Those kings of things you evaluate and if so, you move forward. If not, the conversation disqualifies itself and you go in a different direction. We've had those kind of conversations with other folks and we've had them with a lot of people. Some you'll find it works better, some it's maybe a now or later conversation. Right now in wrestling, everything is fluid."

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