WWE: Nikki Bella Impersonates Natalya

Since the Bellas' return to the WWE in 2013, have been a cornerstone for the Women's Division. Brie Bella announced that she was taking an extended leave of absence in April of last year, but Nikki soldiers on as a solo act. Currently, she is in a long-standing feud with Natalya, which Nikki recently impersonated on the sisters' YouTube Channel.

Nikki, channeling Nattie brought along some stuffed cats, her explosive and loud persona, and blond wig. She's already had some fun poking at AJ Styles so now she is taking on her opponent for this Sunday's Elimination Chamber. Check out the hilarious mimicry below.

She had me at "settling your tea kettle". Nik definitely nailed Nattie's speech patterns pretty well here. And don't get me started on "shaaarpshoootah".

Now, the feud all started a few months back where it was revealed that Natalya had assaulted Nikki and taken her place on SmackDown's Women's Survivor Series team. Natalya's recent heel turn has given her some great material to work with and the beating she gave Nik on Talking Smack was one of the best we've seen from the Queen of Hearts in a long while.