Nikki Bella Pitches Becoming a Member of WWE's Creative Team

Nikki Bella hasn't been apart of WWE programming since her 2018 feud with Ronda Rousey. But the former Divas Champion is pondering a new role with the company, joining the WWE's creative team alongside her brother-in-law Daniel Bryan. Bella explained while speaking on Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast (h/t POST Wrestling), "I mean, I would love — there's times that — because Brie's husband [Daniel Bryan] is a part of the creative team and works a lot with Vince McMahon on creative stuff and I've always thought in the back of my head like, 'I would really like to do that for the women' because I've lived it as a WWE superstar but also, I'm a fan. So it's like, I feel like I know what the people want and then I know how to get the best out of each woman because I know them. So, it would be a lot of fun to be on creative."

Elsewhere in the interview both of the Bella Twins spoke highly of a number of active WWE stars, including Sasha Banks, Rhea Ripley, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan.

"I've always called it about Sasha Banks since the day she debuted and even right before she debuted," Nikki said. "She's just, to me, has it all of what you look at as a WWE superstar. She's an incredible wrestler, she's an entertaining superstar. It's like the minute she hits that ramp and comes through the curtain it's like, you're just locked in on her. You're just like, 'Woah.' Bianca Blair [Belair], she's beautiful, she is fun to watch and she is the most athletic human being I've ever seen in my life. What she can do — she's another one. She's a showstopper. You just stop and you're like, 'Oh wow.'"

"Same with Rhea Ripley," Brie added. "I'm actually bummed she's not on the main roster yet, because she constantly puts out great matches, her look is incredible, her presence going to the ring and she's still at NXT which is great for NXT but I'm like, 'She should've been on the main roster years ago.' Especially her storyline with Charlotte [Flair]. I was like that's someone who should be headlining Monday Night Raw."

The Total Bellas stars both welcomed baby boys last year, but both have teased returning to the ring in some form or fashion multiple times since then. The pair will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during the next induction class.