WWE's Nikki Cross Takes Down Alexa Bliss for Championship Shot at Bayley

WWE fans were hoping to get some answers from tonight's SmackDown, specifically regarding Sasha Banks' winning the Raw Women's Championship at Extreme Rules. As those who watched the pay-per-view know, the win came after Asuka's green mist took down the referee and Bayley came in, grabbed a ref uniform, and counted Asuka out with a three count. Bayley called for the bell, and that was it. The two came out tonight with all the gold, and Sasha and Bayley talked about bringing in a new era of greatness. They were interrupted by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, who said they were sick of them getting their way.

Bliss said this might not be a great idea, but Cross said she was going to take out both of them, starting off with Bayley, who robbed her of her Championship shot.

Bayley said she wanted to lead by example and called it the land of opportunity. She gave Cross her Championship shot, but only if she could beat Alexa Bliss in a match.

Bliss said they didn't need to do this, but Cross was adamant they did, and her hatred for Bayley boiled over so much that she pushed Bliss to the ground and headed to the ring.

Bliss didn't want to fight Cross, but Cross came at her and left her no choice. Bliss decided to not hold back, going after the hurt ribs of Cross with several focused attacks in a row. Cross wasn't looking good at this point, and Bliss kept up the attack on Cross' hurt ribs with more attacks, followed by attacks on her back.

At this point, Bliss was just torturing Cross, as she clearly looked hurt, and Bliss then dug her elbow into Cross' ribs once more. Cross had a few counters though, launching punches at Bliss in the corner and ending Bliss' head into the turnbuckle.

Bliss halted the momentum though and almost got the pin, but Cross kicked out. She then turned the tables for a bit, and with a great move sent Bliss reeling, though she couldn't get the pin. She then had another big move but Bliss once more kicked out.

Cross went for the crossbody but no one was home, and she landed right on her ribs. Cross was slow to get up, and Bliss went to check on her, but Cross capitalized and rolled up Bliss for the win.

Cross will now get the match against Bayley next week on SmackDown.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

"Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will take escalate their rivalry in a Bar Fight and much more."

Here's what is on deck for tonight's SmackDown:

Miz TV with Naomi

Bayley and Sasha Banks address the WWE Universe


Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus in a Bar Fight

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