NXT Draws a Great Viewership Number in First Tuesday Night Show

This week's NXT marked the Black & Gold Brand's first episode on Tuesday nights, and now that the brand is no longer running opposite another show it brought in a considerably larger audience. ShowBuzz Daily reported on Wednesday that the show brought in 805,000 viewers with a 0.22 rating in the target demographic.

This marks the 10th time NXT has been able to top 800,000 viewers since arriving on USA. Three of the episodes occured when AEW Dynamite was off for the week. It also managed to topple last week's episode — the first night of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver — which only drew 768,000. However, the rating from last week to Tuesday night remained unchanged.

This week's NXT was highlighted by Kushida winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, MSK successfully retaining their tag titles, Franky Monet making her debut and Raquel Gonzalez celebrating her NXT Women's Championship victory alongside Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair.

Triple H reviewed NXT's tenure on Wednesday night during a recent media conference call.


"[I see it as] very successful," he began. "For me, we went from a very small platform of the Network with a lot of buzz outside of it to jumping to USA from one hour to two hours, from pre-tape to live to everything in between. Talent call-ups, and talent blooming, and injuries and pandemics, you name it, in the course of that period of time. I'm incredibly proud and happy with what we've done with the brand, and the the opportunity is right now.

"What we first did, it was about maintenance of a consistent time slot, day of the week and time, so that people could find what they were used to finding even in that smaller group. Now we've established a consistent viewership," he continued. "The viewership over the the period of time, I think it's in the 850,000 a week (range). Obviously, we just renewed a multi-year deal. The network is very happy. The ability to jump to Peacock and have more visibility for our larger tentpole events, our TakeOver's, and be able to create more interest in the product in that manner, it's all for the right reasons. The Tuesday lead in from Monday night at a promotion from Monday night to Tuesday is going to be great for us. It's all good, and to be honest, if you would have asked me a year and a half or whatever it was, 'Hey, how would you see this going?' I would see it going about what it is now. The ability to establish a fan base and then decide the best place to put it but establishing that fan base in the consistent time slot was where it was at."