Watch: Paul Heyman Confirms Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship Defense at Hell in a Cell

This week's Friday Night SmackDown went off the air with Rey Mysterio challenging WWE Universal [...]

This week's Friday Night SmackDown went off the air with Rey Mysterio challenging WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a match inside Hell in a Cell at next week's pay-per-view. Both Mysterio and Dominik then tried to attack Reigns with kendo sticks, but wound up getting demolished by "The Tribal Chief." The champ never gave an official answer, leaving that announcement in the hands of Paul Heyman on Saturday's edition of Talking Smack.

"We have a legend. The greatest luchador of all time. And I warned him, on this very show, sitting in this very chair, looking into this very camera, last week. I begged Rey Mysterio, and I'm not a begging man. I pleaded with Rey Mysterio," Heyman said. "I fought back my own tears. 'Don't do it. Don't come after Roman Reigns.' An aggrieved father, mourning over the beating that his son took at the hands of the tribal chief, the head of the table, the undisputed, uncontroverted Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Now, Rey Mysterio wants his revenge on Father's Day. Oh my god! You can't write it any better than this, even if you work on Monday Night Raw. Rey Mysterio coming for revenge against Roman Reigns on Father's Day locked inside Hell in a Cell. And just for the simple fact that that is a hook, that is a lure, that is a seduction, that will entice anyone to understand I get this story and I want to see it go down.

"As special counsel to the tribal chief, the Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, I, Paul Heyman, hereby inform the public that I am authorized to accept Rey Mysterio's challenge against Roman Reigns inside Hell in a Cell," he continued. "And that's bad news for Rey Mysterio. Because you are not stepping into Hell in a Cell with just a defending champion. You're stepping into Hell in a Cell against the monarch of the mat, the gracious god of the grappling game, the tastemaker for the island of relevancy, the savage Samoan sadist, the devil himself. Inside Hell in a Cell, you're stepping into the demonic structure with Roman Reigns."