WWE Raw: Ezekiel's Entire Family Revealed in New Photo

This week's Monday Night Raw featured a recap from last week's episode in which Kevin Owens, showing off aspects of his old "Prizefighter" gimmick, took out Ezekiel with a vicious apron powerbomb. A photo of Ezekiel recovering from the hospital flashed on the screen, in which he was accompanied by Elias, Elrod (making his onscreen debut), their mother and father, Ernie Jr. (all of whom are obviously Elias in different costumes). Ernie even cut a promo, swearing revenge on the former Universal Champion. 

Elias' "younger brother" debuted shortly after WrestleMania 38 and spent the next few months consistently infuriating Owens over his identity. WWE even went so far as to doctor some footage making it look like Ezekiel and Elias were both on the screen.

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