WWE Raw: Lana and Bobby Lashley Finally Get Married


After their attempt at getting married last week erupted in chaos, Lana and Bobby Lashley decided to pull a fast one on Monday Night Raw this week and quickly get married. The same official from last week slid into the ring (and was initially tackled by security) just before commercial break, and within seconds they were declared husband and wife. The pair were then interrupted by Rusev, who stood in front of a green screen and claimed he was taking a vacation on the beach. He then showed a special photo album from last week's wedding, showing how things broke down once Liv Morgan hit the ring and Rusev jumped out the giant wedding cake.

Lana began screaming at Rusev, but Lashley told her to shut up before turning his attention to Rusev. He said that they two would meet in a match next week, and that he planned on ripping his balls off and shoving them down his throat. Rusev, no longer smiling, said that next week would be the return of the "Bulgarian Brute," and that he would destroy Lashley.

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