New Women's Tag Team Champions Crowned on WWE Raw

New Women's Tag Team Champions have been crowed on WWE Monday Night Raw! While the Survivor Series pay-per-view involved a number of the champions in the event, the Women's Tag Team Championships were unfortunately absent given that the titles are shared between the two brands. The newest episode of Monday Night Raw changed that as it saw defending champions Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley taking on the team of Queen Zelina and Carmella, who have been working as a duo since their time with the Friday Night SmackDown brand. 

Fans expected Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley to walk away with the victory much like they have in the past as the Vega and Carmella duo have lost quite a few matches, but it was a surprising night as Queen Zelina and Carmella have defeated the prior champs and have secured the Women's Tag Team Champion titles for themselves. After some slick moves where the duo had distracted Nikki A.S.H., Queen Zelina was able to take advantage and get the pin for the victory. Now the two of them can begin their reign. 

Queen Zelina and Carmella have been working as a villainous duo since their time on SmackDown, and this even continued when Zelina secured the inaugural Queen's Crown victory. This victory for the duo means that there is still quite a lot of room to explore as a team, and it seems we'll be seeing them evolve over the course of this new run. There's still a question of just how long this run will last, however, but fans will surely be along for the ride. 

It's been quite the monumental episode of WWE Raw both on and off screen, unfortunately, as one "fan" made the choice to jump the barricades and attack WWE Superstar Seth Rollins during the first hour of the episode. Thankfully the attacker was pulled off of Rollins in quick time, but it was still a disruptive experience that will surely get that attacker banned from future events at the very least. 

What do you think of WWE's new Women's Tag Team Champions? What are you hoping to see from Queen Zelina and Carmella's run as the new champions? Let us know all of your thoughts on the new Women's Tag Champions and everything from WWE Raw in the comments!