Watch: Samoa Joe Teases Face Turn With Fiery WWE Raw Promo

This week's Monday Night Raw once again featured Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain ruthlessly beating down people in a three-on-one attack. The first attack came early in the show when, after beating Mojo Rawley in dominant fashion, Kevin Owens called out for another shot at revenge. Rollins obliged, though he tried to call a truce by offering his hand to Owens. The former Universal Champion wasn't buying Rollins peace offering, setting off yet another three-on-one brawl. As Owens limped his way up the entrance ramp, Samoa Joe cut a promo at commentary about his utter disgust for what Rollins has been doing.

Reports of Joe being ready to return to action popped up last week, and (spoiler warning) Joe did get physical at the end of the episode by standing up to the trio only to get beaten down alongside Rey Mysterio.

"Listen, I alluded to it last week, but people need to start listening to what I'm saying right now. What you're seeing right now is something you need to be afraid of and something you need to be worried about. Those men in there? I come from a long line of bad, bad men. My father was a bad, bad man, my family is filled with bad, bad men. But those aren't bad men out there, those are thugs. Those are men that are committed to something that isn't about what I'm committed to."

Joe then said the only way to take down men like Rollins was to strike first and destroy completely.


The former TNA Impact and Ring of Honor World Champion made his long-awaited jump to the WWE in 2015. With the exception of a brief feud with Kevin Owens, Joe has been heel the entirety of his tenure in the company. He moved to the Raw roster in 2017, but a combination of injuries and failed attempts at becoming world champion eventually pushed him down into the midcard.

Perhaps a run as an unstoppable babyface is just the kind of spark the former NXT champion needs.