WWE Raw Star Tells Triple H I Quit on SmackDown

WWE kicked off with a car collision and a beatdown by Drew McIntyre to Karrion Kross, but the episode kept up its momentum with another big development in a current Raw superstar's ongoing storyline. At one point Triple H is approached by Raw superstar Rey Mysterio, who brings up his issues with Dominik. Rey says he wouldn't face his son, even with what's been going on, and he still sees his little boy, the one that used to fall asleep on his shoulders. Then he shocks Triple H when he says "I quit", and Triple H then tries to convince him to stay.

Rey says "I can't do this anymore, I wanted to come to you and talk face to face to tell you I quit." Rey said he couldn't figure out a way that this would all work with what is going on between him and Dominik, but Triple H tried to reason with him, saying there has to be another way there. He asked for 5 minutes and asked for them to figure something out.

They headed into his office and we won't probably know what happens till later in the show, though things could possibly stretch to next week's Raw. We'll just have to wait and see, but I do have a theory.

If Rey isn't going to leave WWE, perhaps he decides to head to SmackDown for a bit to get away from things. That could be a trade for another superstar, which would give two people a fresh playground to play in and would also bring in the other show to a promising storyline. That might not be what happens, but it is something that could happen down the line.

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