WWE Releases Mike Rotunda and Sarah Stock

WWE has made several more cuts to their staff following the release of Gerald Brisco earlier today, and once more the releases are of previously furloughed employees. Fightful is reporting that Mike Rotunda, known in the ring as Irwin R. Shyster (IRS), has been released after being furloughed in April. He's not the only release, as Sarah Stock, known as Sarita in the ring, has also been released. Rotunda was serving in producer and agent roles, while Stock was an agent and producer.

Both Rotunda and Stock were previously furloughed back in April, and combined with Brisco are reportedly part of company-wide cutbacks that have affected multiple departments. No talent has been released yet, though April's cuts featured quite a few superstars.

Rotunda was a favorite back in his IRS days, and is actually the father of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Stock went by the name of Sarita during her in-ring days, and has since become an agent and producer, a role she's been in over the past several years.

Brisco has been part of WWE for the past 36 years and started helping to develop talent for WWE back in 1984, but as he said on social media, he is okay with this, and will still help with talent if WWE ever needs him.

Brisco addressed his release on Twitter, writing "Ok, want to get this out the right way. Last night I received a call from @wwe Chairman Of The board @VinceMcMahon to let me know after 36 years of dedication to @wwe i an no longer needed. I'm ok withthis. I will still be around to help talent. More info will follow. Thanks,".

Here's the original report. “PWInsider.com is told by several sources that the departure of WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco is part of another round of financial cutbacks for the company.


We are currently working to confirm how widespread the cutbacks will be and whether any talents will be released. It may be a case of the company opting now to bring back those furloughed, but we have yet to confirm that.”

We'll keep you updated as more develops.