Ric Flair and Bret Hart Have Ended Their Feud

No one wants to see two legends at odds with each other anywhere but in the ring, but there was [...]

No one wants to see two legends at odds with each other anywhere but in the ring, but there was recently some back and forth between two wrestling legends. That would be Ric Flair and Bret Hart, who came into conflict after an interview with Hart used some old quotes regarding Flair. The quotes were addressed as if they were new, and Flair replied to them in a recent interview. Hart addressed those quotes and revealed that he hadn't done that interview, and after clearing the air on the phone with Flair both stars seem to be on good terms again, which should delight everyone.

Hart took to Twitter to address the old quotes going around, and while he knows some of his comments have riled up some, that is not the case with these old quotes making the rounds.

"I know my comments at times can be unpopular or, at the very least, spark debate in the wrestling world, but it's become apparent to me that someone is saying I did an interview with them recently but using old quotes of mine from way back," Hart wrote on Twitter.

"I very, very rarely do wrestling podcasts, and I'm aware of what interviews I have done since the pandemic started. Anyone that is advertising that I did their podcast recently is flat out lying. For the record, I reached out to Ric and we've cleared the air with each other," Hart continued. "I consider Ric a friend of mine and, considering I have very few friends left in the business, I want to keep it that way."

Flair then addressed the conversation they had and the whole confusion that started the issue with his typical charm, including a line about tapping to Hart once more but hoping he has a longer line than Hart's at the next Comic-Con.

"Bret, I'm Glad We Spoke! In This Crazy World Of Social Media, You Never Know What To Believe," Flair wrote on Twitter. "Maybe I Was Just Frustrated Because I Could Never Catch One On You, So I'll Just Tap Out Again And Hope That My Line Is Longer Than Yours At The Next Comic Con. @BretHart"

We're just glad there's no animosity between the two legends any longer, and they'll probably laugh about it at the next Comic-Con.