WWE Brings Ric Flair Back to Its Opening Signature

The opening signature for this week's Monday Night Raw saw a slight change as Ric Flair's trademark "Wooo!" had returned. WWE had pulled any sight or sound of Flair from the signature last year after an episode of Dark Side of the Ring recapped the "Plane Ride From Hell" and the sexual misconduct accusations that were directed at Flair. "The Nature Boy" responded to the change on Twitter, writing, "The Most Hurtful Moment In My ENTIRE Career Was Losing My Spot. Thank You So Much For Giving Me Back My Dignity & My Life! @WWE @VinceMcMahon #WWERaw."

When Flair was first removed from the signature, the 16-time world champion lashed out at the company, claiming they had "erased his legacy." He elaborated by saying, "Well, by erasing my legacy, if you take me off the opening of the show and take the Woo, which I own, thank God, because they will never get it back, and replace me with The Ultimate Warrior, a guy that sued the company, held them up for money, I guess the next thing they're going to do with me is make a DVD having so many people say how bad I was like The Warrior, then they brought him back and put him in The Hall of Fame. That isn't going to work for me. One and done. No worries, but you're not going to bring me back, not that they want me by any means, but I couldn't ever work for Nick Khan in my entire life. Vince McMahon, I can work for, but Nick Khan, who is a guy who orchestrated taking me off the show. I've got my facts together. He orchestrated taking my Woo off. Never in a million years. The big difference is Tony Khan respects me. He has as did Vince. NIck Khan has not. I talk to Vince now. I have no problem with Vince. He just knows I won't come back."

Flair, despite being 73, is preparing to step back in the ring on July 31 for his final professional wrestling match. He recently spoke with ComicBook about the match and what it will take to feel like a fitting finale. 

"It has to be really good, it has to be better than anything I did after Sean Michaels (at WrestleMania XXIV)," Flair said. "It's not about the money. It's all about re-establishing the fact I have my self-confidence. It's never been higher. Back then, at that time, I was still having self-confidence issues and I was paying out (for his divorces) more to three people and had to go to work. Now I don't have to do anything. 


"But it gave me a goal," he continued. "I've been working out. Kelly (Brewster) and I worked together, as partners in this (his upcoming comic book series) but she also trains with me and it's a lot of hard work. We drive 45 miles up to John Cena's place in the morning for an hour and a half. And then we go down to Saint Peak to training like there's no tomorrow for two hours and it's a lot more fun for me if I have someone to compete against."